The latest reality show:

The latest reality show: Selling off Enron
: You can listen to the Enron auction right now (midday Wednesday). Sony 27-inch TV just sold for $300.

: Thanks to Nick Denton and Elizabeth Spiers for pointing me to the auction. I’ve been listening off and on all day long (while doing more productive things, of course). It’s riveting. This is what becomes of crooks. The loot is so telling: Not just the chairs, lined up like those Chinese clay soldiers in an archeological dig, but lots of Enron briefcases and balls and best of all, beer coolers with the Enron log and the slogan, “Ask why.” Indeed.

I look forward to the auctions for not only the companies but also their executives.

I want to pitch this as a reality show for the Home Shopping Network.

: The show is going into overtime tonight and they’re not nearly done unloading all the servers and laptops and chairs. It starts again Thursday morning. Tune in.