News: the new pornography: A

News: the new pornography
: A new study says that news is the No. 1 Corporate Timewaster online, beating porn and the other porn, shopping. 23 percent of surveyed workers said news is the most addictive online content. [via I Want Media]

: Nick Denton says IM is the root of all goofing off.

I’m glad somebody’s happy
: Everybody I know is grousing… about work, the economy, stocks, neighbors, even church.

But Ev is happy.

Free speech loses something in the translation
: Emmanuelle (sporting a sporty new design) relays reports of a bizarre trial in bizarre France, accusing writer Michel Houellebecq of incitement to religious hatred for saying what he thought about Islam:

Yesterday in court, Houellebecq denied inciting racism, but argued that