Time: Someone today suggested moving

: Someone today suggested moving a business meeting to September 11.

I was appalled. I may be wacky on the topic, but that is like having a party on the Day of Atonement.

It will be a day for memories and memorials.

I have decided to take the day off from work and go to Manhattan. I will get as near to the memorial services downtown as I can. I will retrace my own steps. I will remember.

It has been a year..
: … and New York’s skyline still hurts.

Every day, I drive into work on the rusting Pulaski Skyway you see at the end of The Sopranos and every time, I still half expect to see the towers bragging to the sky but they are gone and now our skyline looks like one of those Ohio cities I can never keep straight.

It has been a year…
: … and I am still paranoid.

Yesterday, I was driving home and the local NPR station went off the air: silent. AM, too. My first thought: Somebody hit the Empire State Building. No, the power just went off in Washington for a few minutes.

This morning, I am driving to work and I see a jet coming in over the expressway. It looks to my ignorant eye as if it is coming in low and fast. I half expect to see smoke coming from New York; I think it’s going to hit the Empire State Building (again). No, it only landed at Liberty International Airport.

Three years and counting
: Dave Winer says today is the third birthday of Blogger. Already?