How to make blogging pay:

How to make blogging pay
: An alert colleague noticed this job posting for a producer to head up‘s “new initiative into all aspects of personal publishing (aka weblogging).” They even say they are going to develop a “profitable collection of personal-publishing products and services.” Profitable? Neat trick.

Anybody hear any rumblings about this?

Need is the mother of capitalism
: Whenever it rains in New York City, micro-entrepreneurs pop out on the sidewalks like worms in the rain in the rest of the world, every one of them selling umbrellas.

Today, it’s hot and smelly and sticky and miserable in New York and — for the first time — I’m seeing entrepreneurs offering a new product: water. Guys are hauling big vats filled with ice and bottles of water. People are buying.

ICQ spam scam
: I got email apparently from ICQ telling me there had been a security breach and I had to put my number and password into a very-official-looking, very-ICQ-designed box. I was suspicious. I wrote to ICQ customer service and said they always say that they would never ask for a password. Is this legit?

No, they replied, it is not legit. It’s a scam by which some clever weasel is gathering user names and email addresses and passwords … and then doing God-knows-what misdeeds with that information. Beware.

It has been a year…
: … and I am not quite as dysfunctional as my posts below may indicate. Just thinking.