How to fix AOL Time

How to fix AOL Time Warner, the sequel
: It’s only cosmetic but the first thing I’d do if I were Richard Parsons is change the name of the company. The name itself indicates that the company has no idea what it is or wants to be; it can’t even decide whether it is AOL, an out-of-date online company; or Time, a once-venerable publishing company; or Warner, a once unstoppable entertainment company. It wants to be a media company. The first thing it needs is a clear plan from the top: no fake synergy, no fake accounting, no fake promises, just a clear plan for profitability in each division and a clear vision for growth and the future. And with that should come a new name. I say just call it Time. It’s simple. It’s clear. It has credibility. It’s Time.

Hollywood beware
: As if there were not already enough reasons to sell Disney stock (anybody wanna buy mine… cheap?) here’s another cause for jitters in Hwood:

I have not been able to convince my kids to go to the movies in weeks.

They’d rather just see movies on TV.

I can’t disagree.

Only thing is: How will I ever pig out on popcorn again?