Film at 11, doubts at

Film at 11, doubts at 11:30
: Lost Remote, a fine TV industry blog, digs into the latest Pew study to find the percentage of adults who believe all or most of the reporting on:

37 CNN

34 CBS “60 Minutes”

31 ABC “20/20”



28 Dateline NBC

27 Local TV news

26 CBS News

26 PBS NewsHour

25 NBC News

24 ABC News

24 FOX News Channel*

They note that Fox is the highest rated cable news network.

Fox has taken on a new tagline lately: “Real Journalism, Fair and Balanced.”

“Real” journalism. Methinks they doth protest too much.

Four score and seven committees ago
: Mayor Bloomberg is right now announcing plans for ceremonies one year after 9/11.

It will start with a reading of the Gettysburg Address.

The Gettysburg Address?

How many people on a committee did it take to come up with that ridiculous compromise to saying something real.

The Gettysburg Address is about a nation at civil war, a nation that was not sure whether it could survive. That is not us. We are not in a civil war; we are united! We are not unsure about our fate; we know that we will and should survive.

This is what happens when leadership yields to the common-denominator will of committees.