Lefty, Righty, Inny, Outy…: Unlike

Lefty, Righty, Inny, Outy…
: Unlike Nick Denton and Ken Layne, who demur at the honor, I’m flattered or at least relieved to be included in Brian Linse’s Lefty Directory. I was afraid I was veering right, what with my sudden, terror-induced hawkishness, my reflexive flag-waving, my strident support of Israel against Palestinian murderers and their leftist apologists, my disdain for PC Californians, my contempt for Spandex-clad bikers, and — worst of all — my newfound habit of wearing suits. But on the other hand, I’m all for regulating business — especially now; I support public education; I support medical reform; I may enjoy watching Fox News but I disagree with more than half of what they say (even if I do appreciate the Fox news babes). I’m also flattered when Denton calls me a centrist. But I’m listing left still.

The King’s English
: Should I be worried that the King of Jordan speaks far better English — more articulate, better pronounced, more intelligent — than the President of the United States?

Yes, I think I should be worried.