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Friends at and the T-P

The Times has a good story today on the extraordinary work the Times-Picayune and staffs did to keep reporting even as they saw their own lives torn apart.

I also recommend T-P Editor in Chief Jim Amos’ interview on On The Media.

And Lost Remote reports details of a fund set up for T-P staff, as many as half of whom have lost their homes.

: LATER: Great News: The T-P reporter who was lost in Mississippi has been found.

For a good cause

WeblogsInc creates a cool, new triangular ad unit and uses it for a good cause: Katrina relief. You can use it, too.

The New Orleans diaspora

Jesse Jackson objects to calling the people who have left New Orleans “refugees.” I don’t see the disgrace in it, considering that this country was built in great measaure by refugees and that refugees are people who had to flee something awful — political or natural — through no choice or fault of their own. But fine. I call them survivors.

: LATER: Steve Safran at LostRemote gives a reasoned case for why it is ok to use the word “refugee.”

: LATER STILL: Steve Baker, too, doesn’t understand the objection.


Just got this email from John Pederson:

Bush ordered flags lowered 6 days after the tsunami for a period of 5 days.
It only took him 1 day to drop them after 9/11. 10 days.
We are now on day 6 of Katrina. His only proclomation this week is that it’s National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
Today we’ll drop the flags out of respect. For William Rehquist. 10 days…according to the rules.

But you’ll find no proclamation on Katrina here.

: LATER: A proclamation has now been issued. [Thanks, Chancy]

The missing

I’m on MSNBC at 9:15a to talk about the online resources to find the missing. To get to all the links, did a great job of compiling a list of lists here.