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Ganging up

A blogger emailed me announcing a blog to collect Cablevision horror stories. I’ve had my share of them.

I’ve seen Verizon installing fiber around me. I just hope I can get competition soon.

You might like this

Pandora, the product of the Music Genome Project, is neat: It recommends music based on finding songs similar to the ones you like. If only Firefly were around for a merger.

Big trouble

I’ve been saying for sometime that Google is getting to be trouble: big, closed, arrogant. Now the NY Times is saying it:

But instead of embracing Google as one of their own, many in Silicon Valley are skittish about its size and power. They fret that the very strengths that made Google a search-engine phenomenon are distancing it from the entrepreneurial culture that produced it – and even transforming it into a threat….

No honor

Alan Meckler, never one to mince words, calls out guys who, he says, screwed him on a deal. What goes around…. [via pc4media]


The NY Times Dealbook gives it ot Mark Cuban over his hissy fit.

: Mike Orren in the comments links us to the entire email interview, which, of course, Cuban puts online.