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Black is still the black

The black iPod Nanos are the first to sell out.

I just got mine — white — because my iPod Mini died last night (no, really, it did). It’s a beautiful thing to hold.

Hand candy

My son used his hard-earned money to buy a new iPod Nano and I’m jealous. It’s a beautiful little thing you can’t help picking up.

Listen up

Treonauts — my favorite example of the nano in nanomedia — says it helped inspire MobiTV to port to Treo but then Mobi didn’t invite the blog into its beta. Silly. We Treonauts stick together and you couldn’t get better marketing — and market and product research — than from such an alpha customer.

What I want

Can somebody invent a waterproof speaker set-up for the iPod so I can take it into the shower without fear?

I’d like the same for cable TV, while you’re at it.

I’d consider asking for this for the internet — waterproof keyboard, wi-fi, trackpad that doesn’t go bonkers in the damp — but then you’d all fear that I’d be blogging wet when I know you envision me in my PJs.

Oh, yes, and when are we going to get the Bluetooth iPod so I don’t have to remember to take all those wires with me?

Let’s all move to Hermiston, OR

Nick Kristoff finds wi-fi heaven.