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Cablevision sucks

But then, that’s not news. I’ve been trying to get Joost working at home and was cursing it, but I was cursing the wrong party. Joost works fine at work. I can’t wait until Verizon finishes laying fibre on my street so I can get FIOS. Except Verizon hired the worst contractor imaginable to get the job done. They have been at it for more than two months on a street with fewer than 20 homes; they’ve managed to cut our cable and gas line and a neighbor’s electric line and they’re not nearly done. I’m about to go out with a shovel myself just so I can get rid of Cablevision sooner.

And the fee for fresh air?

JetBlue is thinking about charging for premium pillows and blankets. I’ll save the money and use it to bribe the guy in front not to slam my knees shoving his seat back.

: LATER: Stowe Boyd predicts an aftermarket on eBay. Better yet, why not sell used fluffly blankets to your fellow passengers at the gate?

Now if the airlines really want to get greedy — and, of course, they do — they’ll start taking advantage of the fluid ban and start charging us for water. Oh, you can get the free water in the bacteria-laden tank in the bank. Or we can sell you this nice bottle for a mere $5.