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Book help: The First Bank of Google

I’m writing the section of the book now on what Googlethink could bring to banking. Among the topics I have in mind:
* Peer-to-peer and microloans (Prosper, Kiva, Zopa, Lending Club, VirginMoney, dhanaX, et al).
* Microinsurance.
* No-brick no-mortar banks (Egg et al, which didn’t take off and what did got bought up)
* Freeing our credit-card and purchase data to learn from it.
* Covestor and other wise investor and wisdom of the crowd stock picking plays
* The death of the analyst and rise of the blog
* New currencies — phone minutes in Africa, fake dollars on Facebook.
* Mint and other online finance help sites.

What am I missing? What do you think banking could and should be if it asked what Google, craig, Zuck, Jeff (Bezos, not Jarvis), Jimbo, et al would do?

As always, thanks.