Focus/Burda: Video

* Characteristics:
Rough = authentic
Series are best
Intimate medium
Speak directly: person to person
Jump cuts are OK
Don’t make TV

* Tools:
Inexpensive cameras (DV, 3CCD, audio input = $500)
iMovie & FinalCut
Flip Video (30 minutes = $99 / direct to YouTube)
Camera phones
Lifecasting: webcams, laptops, modems v. SNG trucks

* Players – series – French
Daily Motion – French, coming to US
MotionBox – editing into video
Gotuit – link directly to spots in video
RayV – live unlimited streams
uStream – enabling lifecasters

* Distribution
CBS “audience network”

* Exploding Video

* Series
39Second Single
Amanda Congdon on
JetSet – Zadi Diaz, for youth
Wallstrip – now owned by CBS and expanding
ThreadBanger – DIY edge fashion
VODCars – just cars
Frederator – animation
Veracifier – political & journalistic blogger Josh Marshall
Black20 – comedy
Sam has 7 Friends
TWiT – This Week in Tech
Ze Frank
Daily Reel
Wine Library

* Live
18 Doughty St. – 5 hours per night of Tory political talk

* News/political:
YouTube YouChoose – candidates’ video
Angela Merkel

* News
Alive in Baghdad
Alive in Mexico
David Pogue
BBC StoryFix
BBC Newsnight – highlights
Channel 4’s This is a Knife

* Mashup
The Real McCain

* New networks
Rev3 – Diggnation et al
TWiT – Leo Laporte
Black20 – comedy*
Exploding Video*
UTA venture
Next New Networks

* Advertising
New Google/YouTube ad format
AdBrite in-video text ads