Testing for TWiG

Just testing. Pay no nevermind.

This is an example of a Google+ post embedded in a blog post. It didn’t work for me at first but it does now; takes a while to load.

I’m sorry, Google, for doubting you.

  • F. Alex Imbel

    Am I on TV?

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  • nigel naughton

    We learn everyday..I was testing it to my blog at the same time you and Leo were doing it. Congratulations on your success!! and…Great show as usual!

  • Good stuff, we need to test this G+ thing every week with new ways of sucking the juice from it. G+ is very malleable to the needs of the marketer, but does it have the strength of foundation to build something worthy on?

  • Dan Duncan

    It looks great on the site – but does not come through on RSS. Maybe I am just hanging on to an old technology, but it works for me.

  • Baube19

    ok next..embed it on Facebook!
    /sarcasm off

  • Was it part of the Sign in thing that will be part of Jet Pack that this will also be in it? I understand what you were saying on the show and you make a great point but most people will setup that code that needs to go in the header once and ignore it after that!

  • Raymond Chuang

    Jeff, this was the main reason why I don’t have Verizon for my wireless carrier. Verizon is notorious for “doing things their own way” and essentially caused major problems with Samsung selling the Galaxy S II and HTC selling the HTC selling the One X/S to work on the Verizon network unless they modified the cellphone to what Verizon wanted.

    (Besides, I’m more of a GSM fan, because if you buy an unlocked GSM phone you can run it on essentially any GSM network.)