Defend our net (from Germany, this time)

At long last, Google is standing up to fight the ridiculous ancillary copyright (Leistungschutzrecht) bill heading to law in Germany, a law that would require Google and others — you? — to pay publishers to quote them, to link to them (to benefit them).

On a site called “Defend Your Net,” this video shows a wealth of searches and answers and at the end says (my translation):
“For more than 10 years, anytime you want, you can find what moves you. A planned law will now change that. Do you want that? Take action. Defend your net. Continue to find what you seek.”

Sign the petition to defend our net here.

More information about the bill (in German) says it will hurt the German economy, threaten diversity of information, cause legal uncertainty (for bloggers, too), and cause a setback for innovative media. The paradox, Google says, is that publishers can pull their content off Google search — and lose the many clicks it sends their way — whenever they want.

This is a horrid collusion of two institutions — media and government — threatened by the disruption of technology.
I’ve been shouting about this travesty. I’m glad Google is finally — if tardily — making its voice heard.

  • Niko Härting
  • Tense

    What’s even worse: In Germany no one seems to care, yet understand what’s about to happen. I believe Google is right and journalist-websites should come up with a concept to make money with their content. It’s not like people wouldn’t want to pay for quality journalism.

    I am a position to mobilize many (I have a Team with a Youtube-Account with over 200.000 subscribers) but I don’t think we would get through to our viewers with a topic like this… It’s a shame …

  • schleeh

    “Leistungsscherzrecht” made for lobbyists! Sascha Lobo put up this variation. “Scherz” means joke! This law is a shame!

  • Joe_HTH

    LOL! Jeff Jarvis is such a blind, worthless Google shill that’s it’s laughable.

  • Guys, I can not understand about what you are here you upset?

    Google has always done what they wanted!

    This they will do in the future so …

    greeting Tom