Is ABC News made in America?

My wife won’t let me sigh and garg when ABC News enters into its jingoistic, xenophobic “Made in America” fits — the latest about Olympic uniforms or American flags that happen to be made elsewhere in the world, elsewhere in our clearly globalized economy. So I’ll take it out on you.

I want a “Made in America” audit of ABC News. This is a serious request. ABC News, please tell us:

* Where are your studio and field cameras made? In America?

* Where are your monitors made? In America?

* Where are Diane Sawyer’s outfits made? Where are her shoes made? Where is her makeup made? In America?

* Where are other on-air reporters’ wardrobes made? In America?

* Where is your other technology made: computers, phones, and so on? In America?

* Where is your paper made for your printers? In America (or Canada)?

* Where are your lights made? In America?

* Where are the vehicles in your fleet made? In America?

Please feel free to respond in a comment here. Or I’m happy to come into the studios and look at labels.

  • Don’t forget, Peter Jennings was Canadian.

    • Guest

      Yes, but he was “made” in America. Ever notice that whenever there’s an economic slump we start seeing “coverage” like this?

  • becky worley

    Love you Jeff! I don’t speak for ABC, but I know that the franchise has made me at least think about sourcing. I bought a Weber Grill last year after Diane did a piece on their roots, and I felt good about it. I type this from a “Designed in California, Made in China Macbook, use a Sony Camera for my ABC live-shots, have a Sound Devices, made in USA preamp with my Heil Mic (made in USA) for my Voiceovers, and drive my Ford Escape (not sure if it’s Japan or Missouri made) to any stories I cover for them. Hope you are feeling better post-Apendectomy.

    • Gotta love it when someone actually steps up to the challenge. Bless you, Becky.

  • Ouch, that’s going to leave a mark… Hope your recovery is going well.

  • All that stuff is made elsewhere. Sadly for ABC viewers, their “news” is still made in America. Maybe we should outsource our journalism. Say… to the Guardian, maybe.

  • When I was a kid in the UK in the 70s, there was a lot of fuss about whether products were “Made in Britain”. There was actually an official sticker which manufacturers could put on their products to show their British origin.

    No one worries about that anymore.

    I think this is just one of the things that happens when a nation emerges from an imperial bubble and realises it’s not top dog any more.

  • Chuck Mertz

    I’ve been tweeting about this @thisishellradio during my nightly dissection of the US national network TV evening news for seven months. Thanks Jeff! You were a guest on our show a very long time ago.

  • Chuck Mertz

    … and don’t forget all the products that Disney makes overseas – another aspect of the story that Disney-owned ABC will definitely not pursue.

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