A new BuzzMachine

At long last, and by popular demand (and disgust at my old design), BuzzMachine is reborn thanks to my son and webmaster, Jake. After I’d let my old design go to seed, he didn’t much like me calling him my webmaster. So he took matters into his own hands, rebuilt my WordPress installation from scratch, fixed all kinds of things I’d messed up or neglected over the years, and — best of all — gave me this wonderful new look. The image above — like the photo on the old header — is of a paper-making machine: the old origin of buzz. I’ve been neglecting this blog too much, in design and content, and want to get back in the flow. This is a great place to start. (Thank you, Jake.)

  • Looks GREAT, Jeff, and Jake! And a great banner image, too.

  • Looks great, I like the new design :)

  • Looks good. Great work by Jake!

  • Looks great! My only comment would be that i would prefer if you comment system was disqus or facebook. I think you get a lot more engagement with those systems.

    • Jake tried but the import failed so we may try again later but in the meantime he has finals.

      • Once he is done with finals can he help me with my blog ;)

        Make sure to tell him awesome job for me!

  • Beautiful site, Jeff. Great work, Jake. Much improved.

  • Richard Reich

    Very nice. Very well done. Just one thing — I really dislike the ubiquitous fashion of grey type on white or (even worse) grey background. For me, the blacker the type, the better. #000000 would of course be perfect.


    • CrankyGeek01

      There’s always one person who has to complain about something…

  • Jeff, looks great —

  • CrankyGeek01

    BTW….It looks great guys, keep up the good work.

  • Zach

    Awesome!! I’m glad this wasn’t posted on April 1st. :D

  • Fantastic – really sharp design – love it!! :)

  • Looks great, Jeff! Congrats to your son, too. I should ask about his rates; I could use his help with my blog, too… *sigh*

  • Robert Stallings


    Looks great! Cudos to Jake.

  • Rick

    Pretty to look at, but no easier to read – well the bigger serif font is, but I had no issue with the old one. I keep readability close at hand for web sites I want to read rather than see.

    • Rick

      well not really serif

  • Wow, this looks really good, Jeff. (and yes, here from Google+). I love the default fonts used for the content and the comments. They are awesome. :D

  • Kevin Gossett

    Jake – HIRED! Freelance?

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  • Ryan


  • Stanley Karouw

    What a nice design Sir … like this …. :)

  • Looks nice – the more modern design might encourage me to visit more often, rather than consuming everything in Google Reader…

    And personally I’d debate what someone said about Facebook and Disqus comments – Disqus appears to be moving away from links to user blogs, routing them through their Disqus profile in the same way as Facebook would do it…

  • I liked the old one better.

  • He’s not even my son but I’m proud of Jake – well done!

  • Nice! What a cool image. Add an electric motor and it looks pretty much like a “modern” paper making machine. An old printing press could have worked equally well.

  • Looks great.

  • Looks much better, Jeff.
    And from time to time, don’t hesitate to add some pix in your posts !

  • I think that’s great you’ve got your son to help you with the website, although I think the design needs some work — more focus on the content, less focus on the chrome, like ‘Reply’ and ‘Like’ buttons or the gray shadows everywhere :) The chrome should be more subtle.

    It would also be nice if the site incorporated your G+ posts in an automatic fashion, so that it feels more alive.

    But great to see your blog evolve :) I like Google Reader far more than Google+.

  • What a bright , fresh new look to wake up to. Its inspiring . Good work, Jake! Nothing like the eye, touch, thinking of a Millennial to keep us on our toes and you on your game, Jeff. Now I’ll have to keep an eye out for Jake’s new blog and wonder waht his banner image be…a Blackberry?

  • Robert Marshall

    Good to see you’re geting better with age !

  • Looks great, simple clean design. Good job.

  • Razvan

    The new look is great! Particularly the header illustration (who drew it?).

  • tokyoterri

    It’s looks excellent: kudos to Jake (and best of luck on finals!)

  • Peter Oscarsson

    Looks much better! Now matching the content!


  • greta redesign Jeff…. glad Jake did a great job as well. 

  • Looks great Jake. Your contents now reading very well =)

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