Apparently, the way one impresses the boss at MediaWeek these days is by being a nasty ass. Except the boss can carry it off better than the staff. The dying mag has a profile/hatchet job of NYC’s new digital maven, Rachel Sterne, aiming to snark her without a bit of subtlety or wit. She is attacked by someone whose resume is dominated by the word “intern.” Note how few people are quoted criticizing Sterne, except the so-called reporter. I’m quoted in one line from an email to Michael Wolff, said boss, who asked me to speak off the record. Here’s what I said (I also offered an introduction to Daylife, where I am a partner and where Rachel worked until recently):

* * *

Fine being on the record….

I do not understand the kerfuffle. I’m a big fan of Rachel Sterne’s.

Who are we going to have leading digital initiatives? Someone my age or yours? By that logic, Mark Zuckerberg should not be the CEO of Facebook but Don Graham should. That’s absurd. Digital America is led by young people.

Rachel Sterne is young and entrepreneurial and journalistic. She started Ground Report and created platforms for journalism and led meetups for local journalism and joined high-level discussions about journalism at such forums as the Aspen Institute with the Knight Foundation. She is smart, directed, serious, accomplished. I have recommended her in many contexts.

I find criticism of her appointment to be sexist and reverse-agist….

The story here is not Rachel Sterne but the political sniping at her.