Entrepreneurial journalism on the air

On this week’s On the Media, Bob Garfield interviews me about CUNY’s entrepreneurial journalism program and the idea of teaching journalism students business. See our conference (call) with J-schools around the world that are starting to teach entrepreneurial journalism. We also discussed the New Business Models for News Project.

  • Very good post. While I’m not a journalist (i’m going to my university to become an engineer), I will always try to do some basic journalism as a hobby, and that discussion gave me hope.

  • frankwolftown

    I heard that and it made me wish I had to CUNY instead of NIU.

  • David Siteman Garland

    Jeff- Thanks for posting this and it is a big step in the college process. The blend of journalism and entrepreneurship is only going to become well…more blended over the next decade. Giving college students a chance to understand this shift is critical.

    I know when I graduated (and I’m an entrepreneur/writer/journalist), I could have definitely benefited from forward-thinking classes.

    Side note: I was a woman’s studies major. Seriously. Stop laughing.

  • Jeff,

    Just listened to the podcast and loved it.

    I have started to teach at Sheridan College in Toronto and have incorporated a strong entrepreneurial push in my course. I even get @mathewi in to chat up the kids and show them that the future is brighter then I make it out to be after I deliver my version of the scared straight talk!
    As an ex CityTv’er, along with my partner AmberMac, we have seen the changes first hand and have done our best to adapt.
    Photojournalists have known for a long time that the story requires the business plan in order to be told.

    All the best,
    -Chris Dick

  • Jeff:

    Enjoyed the interview with OTM. Very interesting times we live in.


  • Great piece. I can appreciate the change in Journalism in my relatively short time working in the industry and wish my University had offered a similar course.

    -MMM (Atlanta)

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