Sick of me yet? Well, here’s more

Here’s a piece I wrote for BusinessWeek’s social report on publicness. Snippet:

In the company of nudists, no one is naked. We are entering an age of publicness when more and more we will live, do business, and govern in the open. Some see danger there. I see opportunity. . . .

An accompanying video:

The Süddeutsche Zeitung’s Sunday magazine this week devotes its entire issue to the future of newspapers and journalism. I have a lengthy interview in it – in Germany, I’m afraid.

If you want to hear how bad my German is, listen to the start of this video, my keynote at Next09 in Hamburg this week. (Sadly, no one told me that the camera was set to record stage left and I pace a lot.)

This interview in Spiegel Online is in German and in English.

And a nice illustration accompanies this interview in the Hamburger Abendblatt.

Finally, I was interviewed by Robin Wauters for TechCrunch at Next09 and I sucked up to Michael Arrington.

: LATER: A Zeit Online interview, subtitled in German.

  • Jeff, where you say in the interview “there’s no difference between me being on this show and being on twitter”…

    I think that twitter is a great way to disperse information that has been in the press. For example, you being in biz week gives you a voice as a credible source. You spread that thru social media and now your much better off than someone who just says they are an expert.

    Anyone of course can establish themselves as an expert these days which is great…

  • Robert Levine

    >>>There is simply no scarcity of news online, so it is hard to return to old monopolies from the print era.

    Please tell us exactly what monopolies you’re talking about. The DOJ is only looking into one company in the news business: Google. And you’re advising other companies to be more like it!

  • Eric Gauvin

    Yes. I’m sick of you.

  • R.

    The “publicness” link is invalid (http:///).

  • You forgot to put in the last two links.

  • Mike Manitoba

    Apparently, linking isn’t what Jeff does best.

  • Dag

    The Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin is (and has always been) a Friday supplement, it’s not a Sunday supplement. There’s never been a Sunday issue of the SZ.

  • Dag

    So you get a simple fact wrong in a blog entry and you simply can’t be bothered to correct it?

  • Dag

    Your hypocrisy is disgusting. You ignore comments that point out plain, factual mistakes, you couldn’t care less about correcting yourself, and still you’re everywhere in the German media repeating the same old records, not just your tired old nudist sauna joke, but also the one about correcting oneself.

    “Als ich ein Reporter war, habe ich mich immer geschämt, wenn ich einen Fehler gemacht habe. Ich wollte mich verstecken und hoffte, dass niemand es entdeckt und wir keine Korrektur drucken müssen. In der Blogwelt habe ich gelernt, dass seine Fehler zu korrigieren, die eigene Glaubwürdigkeit vergrößert. Man beseitigt den Fehler nicht, man streicht ihn durch und zeigt, dass man es nun besser macht.”

    You really have a nerve in light of the above not to be embarrassed by this self-congratulatory nonsense in today’s Berliner Zeitung.

  • The interviews were good. You’re german wasn’t too bad. Thanks for it.