Sick of me yet? Well, here’s more

Here’s a piece I wrote for BusinessWeek’s social report on publicness. Snippet:

In the company of nudists, no one is naked. We are entering an age of publicness when more and more we will live, do business, and govern in the open. Some see danger there. I see opportunity. . . .

An accompanying video:

The Süddeutsche Zeitung’s Sunday magazine this week devotes its entire issue to the future of newspapers and journalism. I have a lengthy interview in it – in Germany, I’m afraid.

If you want to hear how bad my German is, listen to the start of this video, my keynote at Next09 in Hamburg this week. (Sadly, no one told me that the camera was set to record stage left and I pace a lot.)

This interview in Spiegel Online is in German and in English.

And a nice illustration accompanies this interview in the Hamburger Abendblatt.

Finally, I was interviewed by Robin Wauters for TechCrunch at Next09 and I sucked up to Michael Arrington.

: LATER: A Zeit Online interview, subtitled in German.