The Twitter flight (well, train)

I was on an Amtrak train from New York to Washington today that got stopped cold by a torrential water-main break in Baltimore. Reflexively, I went to Twitter to see what others were saying (which would be more than Amtrak was telling us then). In short order, I heard from Andrew Baisley, who was on the same train, one car behind. I needed a way to get from Baltimore to Washington and Andrew offered a seat in a car with him and his colleagues from The Feed Room. I had a fast and free ride and good converstaion. We even did business. I was heading to the Web Manager University for government webmasters and promised to plug something they’re doing. I also told them about the amazing work Bild is doing with video in Germany. A disaster turned into a great experience thanks to Twitter.

Now ain’t that amazing?

I’ve been trying to push for sometime the idea that Twitter and internet connectivity will bring us societies on airplanes. So it happened on a train.