The Twitter flight (well, train)

I was on an Amtrak train from New York to Washington today that got stopped cold by a torrential water-main break in Baltimore. Reflexively, I went to Twitter to see what others were saying (which would be more than Amtrak was telling us then). In short order, I heard from Andrew Baisley, who was on the same train, one car behind. I needed a way to get from Baltimore to Washington and Andrew offered a seat in a car with him and his colleagues from The Feed Room. I had a fast and free ride and good converstaion. We even did business. I was heading to the Web Manager University for government webmasters and promised to plug something they’re doing. I also told them about the amazing work Bild is doing with video in Germany. A disaster turned into a great experience thanks to Twitter.

Now ain’t that amazing?

I’ve been trying to push for sometime the idea that Twitter and internet connectivity will bring us societies on airplanes. So it happened on a train.

  • Giving rise to the phrase, “You say trainwreck like that’s a bad thing!”

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  • Jeff,

    How did you get in contact with the other guy on your train? Did you tweet the train number or something? I know for planes you talked about using the flight number. Just curious.


    • I tweeted about the delay and I think he followed me anyway. Or maybe not. He searched Twitter (for Amtrak or Acela, I’d imagine).

      • This is Andrew (@abaisley) – I followed @jeffjarvis already, but we were also searching on Twitter for acela, amtrak and water main. Turns out that there were several Twitter users on the train.

        The fact that Jeff got first dibs on the extra seat in our car was mostly because I knew Jeff through some past business relationships. Although, if he didn’t want the seat, I would have offered it to one of the other stranded passengers.

        Strangely, on the way back to NYC on the Acela, that same day, I had another Twitter encounter. Fred Wilson sat down directly in front of me. I wasn’t sure it was him until I saw a tweet from him that he was on the train heading back to New York. So, I said “hi” and shared my story about Jeff from earlier in the day.

        Jeff was happy to get a ride, Fred was happy to hear the story and I was happy about spending some time with two people I look up to.

        While I’m at it, have to plug the company website:


  • Nancy

    Every day i am more and more amazed about how these new technology tools are changing our world. I am not a techy..but use a blackberry, facebook, the internet for all kinds of things…i read blogs, and yes, newspapers online. But still i am amazed at what this means for all of us. Thanks Jeff for shedding light on the tools and technology of our world.. As we get ready to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the landing on the moon…yes it will be 40 years in July of is simplly amazing isn’t it…the changes we have experienced.

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  • Jim Wilson

    Thanks, Jeff. It’s hard for me to explain to my non-tech friends (and even to myself sometimes) what Twitter “is.” Concrete examples like this help a lot.

  • wonderful story.

    he ran into me on the train home, also via twitter

  • DAW

    This story is amazing! I’ve been debating for months whether or not to join the Twitter bandwagon, and this miiiight just cause me to do it. If Twitter starts putting commercials out there this story would definitely sell me… kinda like the iPhone application commercials!

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  • David Gunn

    You may be curious to learn that many Amtrak employees use Twitter as a way to learn about what’s going on on the trains before our systems tell us. It’s a very handy tool, and using a train number is the best way to ensure people know what you are talking about when you say “my train is late/lost/going backwards/under water”