The newswire of the future

Jackie Hai has a nice way to describe what follows the AP (my emphasis):

The AP syndication model works in an economy of information scarcity, whereas the web represents an economy of abundance.

Second, what the AP has failed to grasp is that the evolution of the participatory web has blurred the line between content producers, distributors and consumers to the point where everybody can be any and all of the three. The news wire of the future will not be centralized and top-down, but rather distributed and bottom-up.

  • Is Twitter and it’s API the “news wire of the future”?

    • I wouldn’t go that far. It’s part of a new system of feeding news from witnesses and organizations.

  • Thanks for the hat-tip, Jeff. I am, in fact, working on the early development stages of just such a reverse syndication platform for the web — I’ll post updates as they become available.

  • Thanks Jeff! That makes complete sense. The world of “what is” is changing so fast that nothing “just is…”

  • Yes, yes, a new-era ‘wire’ where no one is a ‘member’ or a ‘customer’ but a ‘participant.’
    Now all we have to figure out is who will pay for it. Hmmm;-)

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