Conspiring to death

David Carr sounds like an oldies station as he replays the same old record about charging for content (hey, Carr, would you please walk down the hall and do some reporting in your own damned building – I’ll give you the phone number for the right person – and find out why your own friggin’ paper made its own good economic decisions to stop charging?!?); and kissing off the aggregators (hey, David, can you imagine what would happen to your P&L if The Times Company told Google to take a flying leap and not to aggregate and link to your paper and the only bright spot in your parent’s P&L,; and getting rid of ad networks (great timing; this is the moment when the paper should kiss off revenue); and get rid of newspaper regulation. At least on that last point, we agree. Except that newspapers are so far gone they could collude and conspire and consolidate and fornicate to their hearts’ desire and it won’t help them. It’s too late.