Don’t meet. Work.

So now the American society of Newspapers Editors has canceled its annual meeting, joining the Magazine Publishers of America, joining the World Association of Newspapers and the World Editors Forum before them. There aren’t enough dollars to send them to Vegas or its equivalent. And the way things are going, there won’t be enough of them to get a quorum anyway.

  • It’s the end of newspaper publishing. When printing costs overwhelm available revenues, no cutting will save them – simple economics.

    When it comes to the online shift, publishers can’t get beyond the narcissistic self to see the power of crowdsourcing. Look at the online media on any topic (e.g. for sports) This site covers both national and local teams. The crowdsourced photos, videos, and Twitter chats overwhelm any coverage by one or two junior writers.

    The economic recession accelerated the obvious. It’s the end.

  • This morning I just read that another annual meeting, Web2.0 Expo Europe, has canceled.
    Not only newspaper, new media also.

  • GordonP

    The headline’s spot on. A herd of pontficating executives is the last thing the industry needs right now. Get to your desks.