What Would Google Do? on a Fortune best list

wwgd_jackeytI’m delighted to say that What Would Google Do? is on Fortune’s list of the three best web books of 2008.

Jessi Hempel gives me a justified ding for name- (actually place-) dropping, which I feared would happen as I gave credit where credit is due to meetings at — warning: I’m about to place-drop — Davos for inspiring and introducing me to ideas and people. I’ve learned it’s impossible to say Davos (there: I did it again) without pretense. Then she concludes with thisL “…the book offers a great overview of what all businesses across nearly every industry have learned about the way the Web changes what they do.”

I’m honored to be in the company of Steve Baker’s The Numerati and Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff Groundswell.

This on the same day that Fred Wilson suggests buying the book.

Nice Christmas gifts.