AP bomb

So now Tribune Company has given the AP notice – two years’ – to cancel, joining the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Bakersfield Californian, Idaho Falls Post Register of Idaho Falls, and Yakima Herald-Republic and Wenatchee World. These are more than shots across AP’s bow. They are shots at the AP, which has to reinvent itself. More on that later.

  • Scott B

    This is a smart move by Tribune, and it may be good for journalism in general. This move gives the Los Angeles Times’ extensive DC and international reporting staff a reason for being. Rather than just ax most of the DC bureau and go with AP copy, Sam Zell is, hopefully, giving Tribune’s original reporting a vote of confidence. The Tribune DC bureau must be celebrating.

  • Garrett

    The future is your “news platform” with all the newsrooms of the country sharing and selling advertising as a network.

    I guess that could put AP’s future in question.

  • Mike W

    Perhaps the potential loss of Tribune business will urge AP to improve its reporting. Two weeks ago, an AP “report” by Douglass K. Daniel asserted that Sarah Palin is using racist themes in her campaign speeches, without offering any proof or quotations. Regardless of your election preferences this year, anyone who cares about truth in journalism must cringe at such “truth-challenged” reporting.

    Why should newspapers pay AP for baseless opinion pieces disguised as news when they can get the same material free from the Obama campaign or letters to the editor?

    What unique believable news product does AP now offer? Darned if I know.

  • Tribune is canceling the AP feed? Wow. Could you share any details? Like, how much does the AP feed cost someone like Tribune?

  • I know a bunch of people who have no intention of buying a newspaper ever again. Screw journalists. The vast majority who are published have no integrity in their reporting, and the bias is so overhandedly blatant that we don’t trust the product. So I don’t think it matters at all that the AP is being left behind. Good riddens. Hopefully journalism, a laughable “profession” in its current form and with the current players, isn’t far from the same fate.

  • The AP is learning that being transcriptionists for wingnuts wasn’t a long-term business strategy?

    Really, my heart bleeds for them.

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