Paid Content, indeed

Well, there’s an embargo on this. So go read the scoop Kara has. I’ve been bursting with this news. For me, I see two of my favorite companies and sites come together and I get to work with both. More later.

: LATER: Now that word is officially out, I’ll offer official congratulations to both parties. I talked with them both as talks progressed and told them both that this would be a great marriage. I am sure of it. I can say from firsthand experience that the Guardian people are just great to work with: brilliant, challenging, civlized, witty, strategic. (And they don’t pay me enough to suck up to them.) Rafat has always been my premier example of what web journalism and entrepreneurism can product. I know no staff that is more dogged in its pursuit of the story than Paid Content’s. I strongly believe that there is a great opportunity to cover media in America as the Guardian covers them in the UK — it’s incredible to me how little and badly they are covered here with a few exceptions (start with Howie Kurtz). And so I’ve argued that one of the best landing craft’s the Guardian could have for its U.S. invasion is media. And PaidContent is a helluva battleship. I think this is a great move for both.