The Davos toilet

I know this is silly but I was enthralled with the Davos toilet in the Congress Center. As soon as you flush, look what happens:

  • You sicko. Love this!

  • Tim Windsor

    Good thing Al Gore or Bono weren’t in the next stall — they’d have pummeled you for wasting a second flush for the documentation!


  • Now I have an exciting new tourist attraction to add to my must-see list.

    I’m glad I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have left the bathroom. This is why I embarrass my friends.

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  • Ira

    Cute, but no news, it was already featured in cool viral ad some months ago :-)

  • Interesting alternative to the presently widespread plastic movable sheet cover which appears to look somewhat more cumbersome. Nothing, however, will replace constant human professional attention. With more gizmos around supposedly doing service related work might get maintenance crew too relaxed fullfilling their regular mantenance properly.