The Facebook economy

You know a platform is gaining traction when it spawns an ancillary economy. The Facebook platform has not only supported apps companies that are, in turn, supported by venture capital, but now it yields conferences that can charge $400 at the door. I don’t see why such a conference is needed when Facebook developers have been gathering in hackathons thanks to Meetup, which is a helluva lot cheaper, or thanks to organizing on Facebook itself, which is free. But this is capitalism at work. Next we’ll be seeing the equivalent of SEO: app optimization consultants and conferences and books and new job descriptions and ads for them.

  • Looks like about a 4:1 ratio between participants and speakers at the moment. Should be some pretty intimate times. Maybe they should do this online?

  • I prefer the term “walled garden” to platform. I just can’t get into the term “social graph” either though.

    Maybe I’m just jaded as I’m old enough to remember working within the AOL and MSN walled gardens. Ooops, I guess they were called platforms to weren’t they.