Network them

Through the referrers, I just found the video presentation for one of the Knight News Challenge innovation teams, this one dear to my heart: It pushes networked journalism. The audio dies after the first four minutes but those first minutes are a powerful argument for collaboration.

  • Jeff Tatanus,

    Hello, I’m the student who posted that video… the audio for the slide portion of the presentation was not prerecorded, but one of our group members has it on DVD, so I should be able to eventually get it online.

    Thanks for posting our video!

  • So, according to this the Y generation (Generation Next) doesn’t even read the paper anymore, and when they do, it is with sagacity and skepticism. Very Cool.

    Citizen journalism/vigilante video is the pinnacle of democracy. We now have the technology at our disposal to take the power out of the hands of the Clear Channel behemoths and ask the Red Pillers what’s really goin on in The REAL world. Let the Blue Pillers remain in the matrix. Some want to find out just how far the rabbit hole goes…