Entrepreneurial jocks

UK football writer Rick Waghorn, who lost his newspaper job in a cutback and started his own web service, has now upgraded impressively at Norwich City’s MyFootballWriter.com. Rick has been joined by fellow sportswriters and has a neat way to charge for content and get paid via SMS:

From August we’ll have a brand-new subscription service which will give you full access to the site for just £1.50 a month. The new subscription adds additional content to last season’s service and it’s an absolute doddle to use. You sign up by a text which is charged to your mobile phone bill. By return you get an exclusive code which you use to register on the site, and that’s it, you’re in. Simple. The new subscription service features:-
* Access to Ferret, TheWife, The Expert, Stanley, Animal, Gadget, Eyes and co.
* Brand-new myfootballwriter.com podcast.
* Join our columnists with your own comments.

Waghorn hopes to franchise it.

  • “which is charged to your mobile phone bill”

    That is the key, in my opinion. It is how most consumers will get used to paying for content, just as they did with their cable bill. Sooner or later, I think, web marketers will also end up ‘bundling’. Let’s hope that, unlike with cable, web bundles will retain more ‘a la carte’ flexibility, rather than being a way to sell stuff no one wants.


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