Each his own Davos

When I was at Davos (OK, I’m place-dropping), I sat in on a brainstorming about how to keep the connections we make there alive the rest of the year. It’s hard. Davos is a safe world: Those who are invited there with you are there for a reason and so it’s much easier to strike up a conversation and exchange a business card than it is down off the mountain. It was hard to figure out how to extend that.

But lately it has occurred to me that Facebook gives us each our own Davos. We have control over or identities and communities. We befriend people we know. We use it to make new connections. It feels remarkably similar. Just without the snow. And Bono.

  • LOL I totally agree :) That’s how we feel on myspace ;]

  • Who needs Facebook? I think of the BuzzMachine site as our own little, virtual Davos ;)

  • Hey,

    You’re post got my thinking about some interesting thing. I’m a part of a student organization called AIESEC were we go to A LOT of international conferences to discuss leadership development, entrepreneurship, etc. I find that even though we’re blessed with a large group of high end users of MSN, Facebook etc. people tend to keep the contact between conferences fairly superficial (they connect on the social networks – but then they don’t actually interact).

    I’ve been lookign for ways to stimulate more interaction, I’ve come used to calling (given that I work for a company that facilitates it – Rebtel) them, but also to trying to send them regular “ping” e-mails, updating myself on what they’re up to… but it’s pretty hard to keep it all alive – any clever ideas here?

  • …and I’m sure we can track down a pair of Bono’s “Fly” sunglasses for you to use on your YouTube videos. :-)