Is Paris burning?

Lee-Anne Goodman of Canadian Press just alerted me to video of anchor Mika Brzezinski trying to burn the script for a Paris Hilton story, protesting that it should not be the lead and then shredding it. Now that’s journalism.


    They try so hard on MSNBC, don’t they? So hard that it hurts to watch.

  • Whoo hoo! Kudos for her. I wish more “reporters” where that gutsy. Complaining about it but doing it anyway still feeds the machine. Refusal is how you get your NEWS producers to determine the should be NEWS and not entertainment. Paris Hilton falls under entertainment not NEWS and the refusal of producers and the on air talent to make the correct calls on these things rather then bow to the almighty dollar is why Americans as a whole catergorize reporters somewhere with ambulance chasers in the area of integrity.

  • Charlie

    So is Mika Brzezinski related to Zbig? His daughter maybe? And sister of Mark? I raise this because of Scarborough’s comment about her father saying she doesn’t stand up to him enough.

  • Though Larry King couldn’t resist (and neither could I, yes, I’m afraid to say that I couldn’t resist analyzing the spin of King’s “Paris Hilton is outta jail” special), it appears that other reporters are fighting against indulging in Paris mania. I say kudos to them. However, to define Paris Hilton’s Release From Jail as not News is pretty much idealistic. I guess I can only back this up using analytics — we’ll see how many people actually watched Larry King’s special and that will determine whether Paris Hilton’s well spun incarceration and release was indeed news

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  • Paris isn’t even a big deal. This video is even worse than Paris. They make a terrible news show.

  • thomas

    Miki is zbig’s daughter…

  • Jerome Morrow

    The way this clip is put together it’s not immediately apparent that this dispute and refusal to lead with Paris Hilton happens 3 times:at the rehearsal of the days top stories at 6am, 7am, and 8am Eastern. The producers just keep printing the thing out and throwing the story up on the prompter again and again.

  • Gary

    Kudo’s for Mika. Thankfully she has the guts to stand up to her producer. The producer should be fired.