Travelin’ man

I’m off to London for the Online Publishers Association and visits with the Guardian, Telegraph, ITN, and the other City University school of journalism. Will be blogging as wifi, meetings, jetlag, and inspiration allow.

: LATER: I’m sitting on the ground at Newark after the tow bar broke and possibly damaged our jet’s nosegear. We are waiting an hour for the engineers to inspect and see. We’ll see whether SilverJet is as good as Eos in these circumstances.

  • Jeff –

    I emailed you a couple of times, but I suspect it was grabbed by the spam filter or similar. I was writing to see if you might be willing to interview for a book that I am writing when you return from your travels.

    The book, entitled “Media Rules!” will be published by Wiley later this year. In the book, I will be making the argument that the changing nature of communications requires all organizations, regardless of their function, to operate like media companies. The book will pick up where things like The Long Tail leave off – stressing the need for new business practices as well as new business models to better serve customers and live up to the full potential of new technology and the changing audience expectations that result from innovation. You are obviously very experienced when it comes to media companies, and your commentary over the past week or so coming out of Davos has been in line with a lot of what I have been thinking. I would love to include your comments and perspectives in the book.

    I will be in New York March 22 and 23 for meetings/interviews. Are you around, and would you be willing to sit for a cup of coffee or similar and talk for the book? If in-person doesn’t work, perhaps by phone?

    Please let me know what you think and if you might be available to talk. Thank you for your consideration.

    Brian Reich