The expanding Buzzmachine empire

Jimmy Gutterman at PaidContent gives some nice attention today to my nascent efforts to start shows online at PrezVid and IdolCritic with my partner, former colleague at Entertainment Weekly and Advance Internet, and the guy who’s really doing the work, Peter Hauck. And note well that IdolCritic is made by the talented duo of Mary C. Matthews and the ever-amusing Liza Persky of 39 Second Single fame (which is where I discovered them). I see big opportunity to making little TV. The time is right to jump in. And as Jimmy point out, so’s the price. There’s a need for people to make and reinvent better TV; it’s not all flaming farts. And there’s the opportunity to learn while doing. So please do go watch IdolCritic as Liza brings the American Idol water cooler to your laptop and watch and read PrezVid as it covers the election through the eyes of YouTube. End of plug.