I’m as amazed and amused as anyone, but I’m headed for Davos and the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in a week. I’ll be blogging and, I hope, vlogging. And I’ll be involved in another project aimed at connecting the conversation in and out of Davos that will launch this week with the the Guardian, the BBC, the Huffington Post, and Daylife; more details on that later, including an invitation to all of you to join in.

I’m there as a part of the International Media Council, which is supposed to include 100 media influencers from around the world. I’ll be playing the part of blogboy. Or actually, when I attended a welcoming cocktail party in New York the other night, I felt a bit more like the caterer. I’m not used to hanging with the machers. And there are machers aplenty. As I remember from the cocktail party speeches, there will be almost a thousand CEOs coming, including most of the CEOs of the world’s top 100 companies, plus heads of state and government agencies and no shortage of editors and columnists. Lots of the sessions look fascinating; a few look bewildering.

I’ve been caught up in the minutiae of the trip: Hotels were impossible to get so I had to rent an apartment, which also wasn’t easy. The final evening soirée is black-tie but I proudly have never owned one and rarely rented one so I’ll be looking like the caterer. Veterans have advised to bring boots, too. I spent today RSVPing to nightcaps and lunches. But enough of that.

I’ll bring you everything I can about the experience, starting soon.