New Century Network: The TV sequel

Lost Remote reports that TV networks are trying to gang up and create their own YouTube — which NBC has already tried to do with its closed NBBC — and already, it’s falling apart as TV companies fail to get along, just as newspaper companies failed to gang together in their ill-fated New Century Network.

They miss the point: You want to be where the viewers are; you can’t any longer expect to force them to come to you. The viewers are on YouTube. Figure out how to exploit that — as CBS is doing, putting its clips up there — and you’ll find a new means of promotion and distribution.

: LATER: See also Jon Fine’s fine column in Business Week on the scorpion dance of YouTube/Google and the big-media companies.

: LATER: Rafat Ali says:

If I were Jon Fine, I would be pissed right now…a story making round today, being passed off as an original, was actually broken by him two weeks ago in BusinessWeek (we picked it up then here).
This morning, TechCrunch had a note this morning which is getting much play, and then tonight, WSJ has a story, using their patented lame line: “according to people close to the situation”. Then the customary Reuters pickup, which laps up anything WSJ reports on.