Media mogul moment

John Bracken says I may have made it onto South Park:

Tonight’s South Park episode, Stanley’s Cup, opens with Stan applying with the South Park Gazette’s grey haired “Mr. Jarvis” for a job as a delivery boy. There is no indication that the South Park Jarvis “gets it” or if he is as concerned with the future of newspapers as is the real life Jersey version.

If it’s me, I’m honored. I hope they have me laying off Stan soon. Cutbacks, you know. Market realities.

My previous brush with prime-time infamy: The network executive on Murphy Brown warned her away from that critic Jeff Jarvis, when I was one on TV Guide: “That Jeff Jarvis,” he said, “he’s a bottomless pit of hate.”

I’m so proud.

  • Mumblix Grumph

    I was referenced on “Streetcar Named Desire”.

    Stanley Kowalski yells out “MUMBLIX…MUMBLIX”!

    Everybody thinks he was yelling “STELLA”!


  • You might have been in the “Go, God, Go Part 2” episode, too. Cartman said something about “Jarvis probes,” I think. I could be wrong, though. I was still laughing pretty hard from the “Buck Rogers” intro.

  • Come on Jeff. You’re forgetting your appearance on MOONLIGHTING!

  • Mostly, you’ve become a cartoon figure, far more concerned with your five minutes of pop cultural fame than anything you purport to be covering or helping strategize. The idea that someone such as you who’s excited about a cameo on the egregious South Park and whose major claim to journalistic fame is defending slimeball Howard Stern and writing for TV Guide (recall if you will the dripping condescension from Jerry Steinfeld–“he collects those?”–when he learned that Mr. Costanza collected old TV Guides) would purport to lecture the most serious media institutions on how to position themselves for the future is, well, pathetic.

  • I’m eternally grateful to Donovan for writing “I’m Just Mad About Safran.”

    Wait… what?

  • Chris Rooney

    I saw that last night and immediately wondered if it was supposed to be you. Except he didn’t have a beard.

  • And all this was accomplished by blogging?

  • I saw this last night and thought it might’ve been a reference at first. Then the story went on and I wasn’t convinced that it was their intention… who knows…

  • You have to claim that it was a minimum wage that made you lay off Stan if you’re going to be in sync with our temporary lame duck administration. Maybe if you wait until January you can conclude that increased earning power on the part of those who spend every penny on living expenses is a great way to grow the economy. But if they start buying newspapers again, there go a few great obits. I hope you take your new position very seriously, so much is at stake.

  • david

    Very nicely said John! Mega dittos.

  • Sounds like it’s time to refill Ettorre’s saucer of milk.

  • Perhaps you are having a Being John Malkovich moment?

  • Treacher, if I had found even an inkling of anything of substance on your blog, I’d probably engage you on this point. But then your blog has about as much intellectual substance as your silly comment above. Perhaps you can stick to the silly stuff, and let the adults have a real conversation.

  • Treacher, if I had found even an inkling of anything of substance on your blog, I’d probably engage you on this point.

    Too late!

  • Jeff, if you were a bottomless pit of hate you’d still be … okay, you’re a bottomless pit of hate. But is that necessarily a bad thing?