The lesser of evils

Zero Boss has a great — unpaid — post about, which tries to clean up the PayPerPost model — slightly — by paying bloggers to review products but insisting that they reveal the payment and also insisting that advertisers pay for positive and negative reviews. It is still an attempt to buy our editorial voice. They may not tell us what to think but they tell us what to write about. Sorry. Still fails the smell test.

: I’m likely writing my Guardian column this week about all these pr kerfuffles and the new responsibility of pr. So please do add in your thoughts to these posts.

  • Can someone explain to me what is so different from paper media?
    Journalist are paid to talk about a product, ALREADY. Only, they not always mention they do.

    If anything, ReviewMe has the virtue of introducing some ethics into a pratice that has long existed and will exist for a long time to come, no matter what anybody says.

    brem of

  • unfortunately i will have to disagree with you on this one Jeff.

    youre one for transparency, and youre one for businesses embracing this new media in new ways. so why be against a form of advertising that’s more than just “drink Coke” which actually pays the bloggers for actually reviewing the Coke?

    i dont see how it’s “telling us what to write about” when bloggers of the service have the choice *not* to review the product(s). to me it sounds like merely an opportunity to get paid for writing about a product in an honest way, since negative reviews are paid as well.

    and no offense to Zero Boss, but i didn’t find his post all that great, and i still don’t really understand why he didn’t charge the company the $125 he was offered even after he signed up and then reviewed the product.

    in my mind he provided an opinion, was honest, and transparent. id much rather have that sort of content on a blog page, than say, generic Yahoo or Adsense ads that are on the right of this blog, with all due respect. because at least the blogger is actually acknowledging some awareness with the product hes getting paid to present on his holy blog.

  • Tony, I gave three explicit reasons for not wanting to take the $125. If you disagree with those reasons, that’s cool. It’s a personal decision. But I don’t see where I was unclear.

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