Lipstick on a . . .

Henry Copeland is amazed: Estee Lauder is buying blogsads.

I was invited in by one of the Lauder brands about two months ago to talk about blogs and I pushed them to advertise out here. I’m not saying I caused this buy (and besides, because I’m sadly not in the Blogads pool now, I’m not even getting the ad myself). But I did see that these people were vitally interested in figuring out how to build a relationship with customers via blogs.

Henry is quite right to be amazed because the cosmetics industry is perhaps the last to embrace online, let alone blogs. Cosmetics are pure brand: smoke for the mirrors, advertising in a bottle. They bought slick, fashionable magazines because they wanted to be slick and fashionable. But now even they are realizing, I think, that their brands live not on pages but with people.