Jon Stewart for President… or an Oscar

HuffPost finds a campaign to elect Jon Stewart president. Hmmm. Wonder whether it has anything to do with this: Robin Williams playing Jon Stewart running for President.

  • That’s stoopid. Looks like somebody is trying to sell a bunch of crap to saps who don’t clearly understand the role of the court jester.

  • And Reagan was any less strange a choice?

  • Mumblix Grumph

    What the hell? Does this mean Pat Paulsen isn’t running this time?

  • Hey it may be stupid, but Jon is one funny man. We need someone who won’t take politics too seriously. If someone bombed us he’d just make a joke about it and move on. Ok, so that is a terrible idea.

  • Isn’t it strange that people will choose wrestlers in boas, strong men, or movie actors to run a highly complex administrative system and think that honesty or forthrightness is all that matters.

    Would you pick Ventura to perform brain surgery? Why do people think that running government should be left to dilettantes. Why don’t people demand some proof of managerial experience and a knowledge of the issues that will be faced by their administration. Is competence too much to require?

    Who said we get the government we deserve?

  • Hunter McDaniel

    Whatever you may think of Reagan, he did have two terms as governor of our most-populous state under his belt before he ran for President.

  • Mumblix, It’s hard to run for president when you’re dead. Oh wait, death didn’t stop Bob Dole.

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  • If you listen to the candidates pre-positioning themselves to run for President for 08 you never hear anything about competence, its all about them telling us boilerplate trendy “wishes” of what they would do. Frankly, its no different than what a bright jr. high schooler could offer at a sunday dinner conversation if thier uncle asked them a few questions. And no additional thought is required to be put into it. It appears that a healthy dose of self-involved narcissism, popular dreams in boilerplate fashion, and an earnest demeanor is all that is required as long as one is savvy enough to step over the landmines strewn all over the American mental “politically correct” landscape these days. Its no wonder why we don’t get better leaders without even going into how they finance their “electability” and the power of special interests which includes the media creating and pushing “selected” candidates(Obama) as well. I liked Robert Fineman’s admonition to the wary.

  • Greg Lawrence

    We could do worse (and likely will). Does anyone really trust Hillary or
    Obama? How about what’s-his-name, Romney? Wait! I know! Lets give
    Gore another chance. After all, he was supposed to be President-it was
    all arranged, right?

    Stewart is intelligent, articulate and preceptive. Underneath it all, he is a
    man who really loves this country. He’s not likely to isolate himself.
    I’d say he knows as much or more about politics and international relations
    than the average D.C. policy wonk.

    I wrote him in for the last Presidential election and would do it again.