Not so soon

The Times of London says Hillary Clinton’s friends say she may not run for the White House. I’m not buying it and I hope it’s not true.

“I would not be surprised if she were to decide that the best contribution she can make to her country is to forget about being president and become a consensus-maker in the Senate,” said a leading Democratic party insider. “She believes there is no trust between the two political sides and that we can’t function as a democracy without it.”

  • Yeah but Jeff what are you gonna do when all your con friends start calling Hillary a communist, or worse, a liberal? You might not get invited to the cool parties if you don’t join in. :)

  • Would you wish this presidency on some one you like, Jeff? We’re firmly entrenched in an unwinnable war and it’s up to this next president to get us out one way or another… and be sure that there will be a chorus of rabid critics of anything she tries to do.

  • Benny C.

    Ruthie is right.

    I would take a candidate with a strong conservative leaning to seek to end our involvement in Iraq, much like the role of Nixon in getting us out of Vietnam.

    Bottom line: It’s going to be Gore and Giuliani, with the latter winning.

  • Yeah, but Jeff what are you gonna do when people like Oliver Willis start calling Hillary a neocon, or worse, a Liebermanite? You might not get invited to Kosfest if you don’t join in.

  • Rob

    How does Giuliani ever make it out of Republican primaries, Benny? I don’t see it. Even if Republicans decide to try a pivot to the center, McCain gets the votes long before pro-choice pro-gay Rudy does.

    As for Hillary, I like her fine, but think it’s as likely as not that a national campaing by her will never get off the ground–a polarizing figure, voted for the war, etc. Could see her legs getting knocked from underneath her as soon as another viable national Dem candidate–Gore? Obama? Warner, even?–emerges. She’d make a brilliant Senate majority leader, though. That’s what I hope happens anyway.

  • Unlike Jeff and Lieberman, HRC hasn’t been pissing on her own party nonstop or blindly pretending like everything is awesome in Iraq.

  • I think the Democratic Party would be foolish to put forward Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate because she is such a lightening rod for conservatives. I, like many evangelical Christians, are looking for a change in Washington to a more progressive candidate who can represent interests for the poor, for life (both in the womb and out), for peace and justice around the world.

    Hillary Clinton still reaks in the nostrils of conservatives, and you’ll never get the swing voters that you so desperately need to turn the tide in such an evenly split electoral body. Put forward a Barak Obama, and you’ve got my vote — and the votes of thousands (maybe millions) like me.