Nya-nya nanny

Our self-appointed national nanny, Brent Bozell, is stepping down as head of the so-called Parents Television Council. Well, big fucking deal. But perhaps Bozell knows that he has strung this shtick out about as long as it can go. I do believe we may be at the point of a backlash. His partner in crime against the First Amendment, our own FCC, is desperately trying to backpedal on its latest rulings; I hope the courts do not let them and we get a real challenge of their unconstitutional behavior. But Bozell et al keep plowing ahead, filing complaints against Helen Mirren for falling ass over tit at the Emmys. One of the worst offenders in this attack on free speech has been, most shamefully, my colleagues in the news business, who report the utterances of the reputed PTC as if they are news (bloggers don’t retype press releases; reporters do!). Farewell, Bozell. I only wish you were really disappearing, not merely finding another excuse to issue a press release.

  • I’m sad, in a way. Bozell’s entertainment value is priceless. Now, I’ll have to find another shmuck to mock.

    Fortunately for bloggers the world over, Earth isn’t experiencing a shmuck shortage.

  • Ben Sparks

    Opie Anthony Norton > Howrad Stern

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  • Where is Oliver Cromwell when you really need him?

    Yesterday morning I heard a radio talk show discussing the “a-word”, the “n-word” and the “f-word” (that’s what they actually said). Is the use of the actual word going to cause the downfall of civilization?

    Then last night Letterman told a “dirty” joke about a man with a penis growing out of his forehead. The punch line also used (I think) balls. The network bleeped both words, making running the joke pointless, except for the fact that anyone watching could tell exactly was said.

    As I’ve said before, I think this focus on actual words harkens back to the religious concept of blasphemy. Just saying certain magical words will bring down the wrath of god.

    Who put these neo-Puritans in charge and when will they go away again? Cromwell’s puritanism only lasted about seven years, we’ve had a dozen or so far. Isn’t this long enough, or do we have to wait until the theaters get shut down?

  • Bye bye Brent! Back to the obscurity you should have never risen out of.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

  • I have long said that the FCC behaved like gangsters. They extorted money under threat of withholding licenses and refused to allow recourse in the courts. Many of them should be in jail.

  • For Brent fans, I STRONGLY recommend picking up Mick Foley (yeah, the wrassler’s) book, “Foley is Good” and read the last number of pages where he goes through the PTC and their “issues”… as well as Brent’s illustrious past!

  • Michelle

    His legacy…Some CBS Affiliates Worry Over 9/11 Show

    “So far, about a dozen CBS affiliates have indicated they won’t show the documentary, another dozen say they will delay it until later at night and two dozen others are considering what to do.”

    “The announcement came as the Tupelo, Miss.-based American Family Association readied its 3 million members to flood the FCC and CBS with complaints after the documentary airs.

    “This isn’t an issue of censorship. It’s an issue of responsibility to the public,” said Randy Sharp, director of special projects for the group, which describes itself as a 29-year-old organization that promotes the biblical ethic of decency.”

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