Nya-nya nanny

Our self-appointed national nanny, Brent Bozell, is stepping down as head of the so-called Parents Television Council. Well, big fucking deal. But perhaps Bozell knows that he has strung this shtick out about as long as it can go. I do believe we may be at the point of a backlash. His partner in crime against the First Amendment, our own FCC, is desperately trying to backpedal on its latest rulings; I hope the courts do not let them and we get a real challenge of their unconstitutional behavior. But Bozell et al keep plowing ahead, filing complaints against Helen Mirren for falling ass over tit at the Emmys. One of the worst offenders in this attack on free speech has been, most shamefully, my colleagues in the news business, who report the utterances of the reputed PTC as if they are news (bloggers don’t retype press releases; reporters do!). Farewell, Bozell. I only wish you were really disappearing, not merely finding another excuse to issue a press release.