Washington Post: Growing with blogs

I’ve been trying to push media companies for a long time to expand their reach and targeting by putting together and selling ads on selected networks of blogs. The Washington Post is doing it; Steve Rubell does a good job of explaining what’s up. WKRN in Nashville, under the guidance of Terry Heaton and the leadership of Mike Sechrist did likewise sometime ago. Others are coming.

It is a win all around: The advertisers want someone to help them get into this strange world of blogs. The media organization wants to expand its reach and targeting (the Post — like every single newspaper, magazine, and online media company I know — needs more traffic and is thus seeking growth in technology, business, health, automotive and travel), establish a new relationship with the bloggeres, and make money along the way. The bloggers want to get money and promotion. A virtuous circle if there ever was one. Bravo to the Post.