The giant stumbles

Wal-Mart quits Germany.

  • One should point out that the German Walmart stores got bought by the world’s fith largest retailer. There’s always another giant around as soon as one stubles. Also, one of the reasons that Walmart didn’t succeed in Germany is that some German retailers are apparently better Union-busters.

  • Another reason that should be obvious to you Jeff is how totally backward Germany is to business.

    German friends tried to get US Visas because of how backward German business environment is and they couldn’t accept it. It was only the bad US immigration policy that forced them back to their home country.

    Considering how bad regulation is it’s small wonder Walmart stayed in the market this long.

  • Or Germany quits Wal mart may be because of costly labour in Germany as Wal Mart is famous for paying low wages and no health benefits to its employees. Everything is impossible :-)

  • Wal Mart quits in Germany mostly because it was too small for the market. It had just about 85 stores in Germany. And it couldn’t compete in a market where you just get margins about 2 to 3 per cent. There are a lot of discounters in Germany.

    Wal Mart just lost in the market. This has nothing to do with regulations, that Wal Mart left the market. They coudn’t compete with Aldi, Lidl and co.

  • Eider

    Yeah and Wall*mart it’s too much for there.. I mean, they are too busy haunting buffalos and tiranousarious rex’s.. So obviously that wouldn’t work out well besides i hear too that they are having rough time there in money talking.. See ya..

  • LLC

    I think wal-mart and most of those US giants are all too greedy

  • Sab

    Well, for me as a German the point is pretty clear. Wal-Mart was not able to adapt to our country. We don´t like that two-faced happiness with the sun shining up their asses! Also we have pretty cheap discounters that Wal-Mart did not pay attetion to before entering out market. Another point is that we don´t buy that kind of stuff in just one store, Germans rather got to different stores to get good quality for a good price! And of course you cannot force our workers to not have any closer relationships within the labour or else!!!!