The real pop idol

I thought that I snagged the best possible boondoggle assignment in all journalism when People magazine sent me on a tour around America to find our best pizza.

But this beats that. Kristine Lowe in Oslo reports that a Danish media company assigned employees to buy sex from prostitutes and then rate them on the web.

“The idea was that the test should be enlightening, entertaining and naughty. However, many people found it unnecessarily offensive,” Hans Engell, Extra Bladet’s editor-in-chief, said in a press a release announcing that they would stop practicing this particular brand of ‘consumer journalism’ on the website in question.

I smell a reality show coming on.

  • So we get ten z-list male celebrities and ten hookers and put them in a luxury house on an idyllic island – and then in week three, to boost viewing figures we parachute Hannibal Lechter in.
    Maybe not, I used to stay in a Stockholm hotel right opposite the ferry dock where the regular weekend shift from Latvia came in. Believe me, I would rather take on Hannibal Lechter any day.

  • Shalom Jeff,

    Actually there are plenty of independent websites collecting reviews of escort services all over the United States.

    The single largest service they provide is that they identify the scam artists, the girls who take the cash and dash, knowing that a customer visiting from out of town is unlikely to report her to the police.



  • First the picture of Mohammed, now this…

  • Kai

    Jeff, head on down to Trenton NJ to Delorenzo’s on Hamilton Ave. If you are in NYC, you can take NjTransit Northeast corridor all the way to Trenton. I think they are closed Sunday and Monday, but their tomato pies rock! Don’t bother coming to Boston, they can’t make a good pie to save their life.