Lock up the kids

Howie Kurtz calls bullshit on all the scare stories coming out about MySpace et al. If the kids aren’t getting attacked by scary guys from horror movies, they’re embarrassing themselves for life:

I’m getting a little tired of reading all these “exposes” of Facebook and MySpace.

Hardly a week goes by without some newscast or newspaper discovering that it can be hazardous to the college or professional careers of young people to post pictures of themselves engaged in drinking, drugging, loving or other racy activity that might be frowned upon by some adult in a position of authority.

Okay, we get it. Hasn’t dumb judgment always been hazardous to your professional health?

It’s a legitimate story, but I detect a faint whiff of Old Media getting all exercised about the terrible dangers of New Media–why are all those kids wasting their time blabbing on these social sites?–rather than figuring out how to appeal to their young fans.

He goes on to talk about Wonkette’s exposes of politicians’ kids acting drunk and dumb. And, yes, those indiscretions of youth that, in my case, are lost in the ether of bad memory are now recorded forever by Brewster Kahle.

In the future, your past is your future. But the good thing is, everybody’s embarrassing moments will now be recorded for posterity. We’re even.