If you had a network….

MSNBC gruff bear president, Rick Kaplan, resigns. MSNBC was never the bridesmaid or the bride; it was the accordion player who kept trying new riffs but was still stuck with an accordion (I was an unpaid part of those of those experiments in the Connected blogging moment).

What would you do with MSNBC? I still think there’s an opportunity to be the anti-Fox; that would be the ballsy thing to do.

Or since MSNBC the web site, unlike the TV channel, regularly wins against its competitors, perhaps they should turn the channel into value-added promotion for online to assure that they win at the battle that really matters, the battle for the future and the internet. In that scenario, they’d run the best of online on the channel; they’d promote the never-ending and open talk-show that online could be; they’d anticipate the YouTube revolution coming next to news. That, too, would be ballsy.

What would you do?