Whose space?

In the UK, a MySpace competitor called Bebo has been challenging the king for the top spot in traffic, says The Guardian. Scott Karp has been asking with good analysis whether the MySpace fizzle has begun. I don’t know, but I still say that the issue for MySpace is that it isn’t really my space; it’s their space. And that’s weak glue.

  • At least Bebo looks a heck of a lot better than MySpace. That site has got to be one of the ugliest on the Internet.

  • Toblerone2

    When the media finds out how america’s youth are communicating, that’s the signal for them to find a new medium. They probably already have. Schools arent helping any by turning mySpace into a vehicle for policing extracurricular behavior either.

  • Well, since I just opened up a MySpace account, its hippness is officially dead.