How to make Bittorrent the new network

Dave Winer says Bittorrent is about to explode and he suggests what’s needed. I agree with him and have one more thing I think is needed (and I doubt whether Dave will agree):

If Bittorrent had the means to place and track the audience for ads on video and audio, then program creators and even studios and networks would rush to use it — especially now that they’ve broken the old distribution model with broadcast affiliates and cable systems by putting shows on iTunes and the internet. Of course, not everything on Bittorrent needs to have ads. But if it were possible to earn and measure using it, then we’d find a flood of “noninfringing” uses and this would, in turn, have great side benefits: First, P-to-P would lose its cooties and once Disney uses it, we won’t be hearing people trying to stop it. Second, ISPs won’t try to cripple it. Third, all kinds of new program producers — you and you and you — would be able to find support for their creativity.